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People don't have big ideas, Big ideas have people like Brad.

Brad V. Cowan works with Agencies, Brands and Production Companies to create globally recognized, impactful, highly sharable, Award Winning creative content.

BIG ideas. They don’t just get Brad out of bed in the morning, they’re the reason he’s alive. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re looking for something big – and ideas drive you, too.

Every project he has the pleasure to work on, yields creative concepts that truly resonate with consumers, and have the power to change people’s minds.

Check out the videos in the portfolio below to see how Brad’s creative has helped these BIG IDEAS come to life.

He’d love to do something big, with you.


Brad’s mind has helped shape some of Advertising’s most shareable stories.

Brad tells stories - not slogans – stories. Why does that matter? Here’s why: almost every human on earth carries around a handheld storytelling machine – they’ll engage with the stories we tell but only if we know how to tell them.

Brad knows how to tell them.

He has built a name in the industry as the creator of emotional stories that truly “move the needle” on popular culture, and build a bond between brands and their audience in a unique and inspiring way.


"I’ve often wondered how a guy who’s got so many big ideas and made other big ideas even better can be such a super human being at the same time. If I had what he had going in his brain, I’d be an insufferable egomaniac.”


“Brad is a Big thinker with high standards that creates Big ideas that drive Big results for his clients. He is open to all forms of expression available in today's creative palette as long as it's the most direct route to audience engagement. All this comes with a bonus…. His big smile”

~ Paul Lavoie– Paul Lavoie, CCO, TAXI

“Brad has a rare ability to understand human nature, how to make the audience feel something. He's also has a knack for making people laugh - an absolute pleasure to work with.”

ALICIA ELLIOT, Managing Director, VIROOL

“What makes Brad awesome is his creative firepower, seamless collaboration and passion for storytelling. Need a song written for a pitch the next day? Brad’s done that. He even sung it to the client a cappella. If I need an idea, or I want to make a good idea ten times better, I call Brad.”

“Brad is not only the hardest working creative in the business, he’s also the nicest. Equally deft with a pen as he is with a tough client, Brad is someone you call when you need a uniquely creative writer, a brilliant idea and an uncompromising partner. He’s aces in my book.”

Hilton Barbour, Marketing Provocateur

“Working with Brad is amazing! Passionate, clever and a true collaborator to get to the best work, he is a client's dream of a creative partner. I look forward to get to work with him again!”

Lindsay Ho, PepsiCo

“Brad is as comfortable coming up with brilliant ideas as he is sharing those ideas with clients in a boardroom. Smart, professional and distinctive.”

Graham Lee, Chief Creative Officer, T1 (Formerly TrojanOne)


doesn't have to be taken literally.

It’s doesn’t have to be a massive stunt (but it can be). Big can also be about small indelible moments; the way snowflakes hang in the air, the smile of a child who’s proud, the power that exists in a single tear being shed…

Big or small, we crave connection through story. With family, friends, and yes, products and services. Our values drive us, we want to be cared for, praised, challenged, moved. If we’re a brand or a service we have to cut through.

We have to get our stories out to the right people, in the right place at the right time.

The Accolades are piling up.

Ad Age — Best Viral Video

Bessie — Best Digital Single

Cannes Bronze Lion

Yes another, Cannes Bronze Lion

Cassie Gold

Clio Branded Entertainment

CMA X 2 Gold

Milan International Film Festival

REGGIE — Best In Show

Shorty Best Viral

Strategy Promo Gold

Virool Adweek Best Viral Video

Brad wears many hats.

Brad consistently comes to the table with new BIG ideas to push forward the creative work and develop the client relationship.

Whether you’re at the agency, production, or brand level, Brad would love to help build creative for memorable and buzzworthy content. With his past work as an agency producer and TV Showrunner, Brad is known not only as a wizard “in the room”, but a guy with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of how to get it done too. His vast experience with production companies big and small and directors and producers of all stripes truly comes in handy after the idea is sold through. Not only will Brad pitch the BIG IDEA, he’ll know the best teams in the biz to pull it off – on time and on budget.

Perhaps you're a Creative Director at an agency looking for creative muscle at a brainstorming table, a Producer at a content shop needing a fresh idea, an Account Exec looking to bring in some horsepower for a new-client pitch, or even a Brand Manager looking a BIG piece of content that will break through – Brad understands how to maneuver through all levels, to create compelling work that gets noticed.

He’d love to do something BIG with you.